Effects of smoking on your Teeth and Mouth

Smoking is one of bad habit that is commonly done by almost all people especially for men. It is widely believed that smoking can give you the risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetic and any other problems related to your health. In association with your teeth and mouth health, smoking is one prominent cause of losing your teeth and any other problems in your teeth. Some people may be not aware of these effects, but the influence of smoking is already studied and it has been proven.

Halitosis or bad breath is easiest example of teeth and mouth problem that you will have from smoking. By smoking you will have unpleasant scent that can be solved by using the mouthwash. Instead of bad breath, smoker will get different color of their teeth that are actually white and it will actually change to yellow color. This process is called as staining that happened intentionally during your period of smoking.

Moreover, you will get a large number of plaques that contain bacteria of the calcification and then they will attach to your teeth. A large numbers of plaques will give you further problem of your teeth. If you have receding gum and you do not stop smoking today, you may have further complicated problem that makes your teeth become more sensitive and cold. Smoking will also decrease the speed of oxygen and nutrition circulation in your gum. If it happened, you may get difficulties in treating your soft cell problem. The last thing you need to remember is cancer risk that is brought by smoking. Since, it has been widely studied that people who used to smoke will potentially get a problem in cervix and also oral cavity cancer.

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