Quit Smoking without Weight Gain

Quitting smoking without gaining weight can be a miserable stressful experience because of the nicotine withdrawals. Here you will find about cancer and natural health products I took and still take to detox after quitting smoking the nicotine from my system along with nicotine replacement therapy nicotine gum, nicotine patch, and no nicotine therapy, no nicotine herbal patch to quit smoking. Some of many chemical agents and carcinogens that are in cigarettes and cigarette smoke.

People who are smoking are aware of the harmfulness without love for themselves or humanity, quit smoking when diagnosed with severe sickness from smoking in hopes of gaining extra days to spend with there family. You will quit smoking when your doctor tells you that you are going to die. My father quit smoking after he was told he had a month to live. He took better care of himself gaining 7 extra years. He lost weight and fought every day for a breath. And without his youngest son by his side passed away, he had arrived the following day.

I quit smoking without gaining weight so can you. I could not quit smoking until I saw how much weight my father lost and eventually he lost the battle and past away. Mental commitment to quit smoking is the key to quitting cold turkey without other harmful chemicals or strange hypnosis. Combine mental commitment along with natural health products and nicotine replacement and no nicotine therapy you better your chances of quitting smoking. One of many excuses smokers use to putting off smoking is I will gain weight if I quit smoking, without even cutting back on there puffing. Quitting smoking does not mean you will gain weight its all in your head. When you smoke your blood circulation increases and when that occurs you burn calories.

Exercise when you get cravings to smoke this increases your blood circulation and burns calories. Don’t numb your cravings by eating. Exercise when you quit smoking and you will not gain weight.To quit smoking without gaining weight is one thing but what about the fact that nicotine is so addictive; more addictive than cocaine heroin and other drugs. And that is why your body is always wanting more and more.

”Quit smoking without gaining weight” No!!! quit smoking so you could breath better, and your family does not get respiratory problems or cancer. ” Quit smoking without gaining weight ” What about quitting because of the pesticide (Nicotine), formaldehyde and other lethal chemicals added to the tobacco which make it even more addictive and deadlier than nicotine alone.
Here are 12 of 599 government approved toxins added to cigarettes; Turpentine, PropyleneGlycol, Lead, Formaldehyde, Cadmium, Benzoapyrene, Butane , Benzene , Ammonia , Arsenic, acetone, and Zyklon B, (also called hydrocyanidic acid).

Quit Smoking Without Gaining Weight and Carbon monoxide, nicotine and toxin levels in your bloodstream will return to normal levels. You will breath easier, food will taste better and you won’t smell like nicotine and smoke. Also cutting back the risks of cancer and heart disease.

” Quit smoking without gaining weight ” quit smoking because you identify with the fact that its not a habit its an addiction and sickness. And that is why you smoke not because your bored or you need to fit in or look cool and cope with stress.This is all subconsciously in your mind. What you are doing is really subsiding the crave for nicotine and government approved toxins by smoking a cigarette.

” Quit smoking without gaining weight ” this is not why smoking was banned in enclosed work and public places or with children in the car. Quit to stay alive and healthy, life is too short. Stop the addiction stop spreading the harmfulness, identify with the sickness and side effects. Know the truth keep you and your family healthy and alive.

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